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gqmf_az's Journal

The Arizona GQMF Group
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To unite the Arizona GQMFers

What is this community for?
This community was originally created to help organize fun/casual meet ups for Star Trek fangirls (do we have any men in the group yet?) from ontd_startrek. We are the crazy GQMFers of Arizona, the state of the Lensflare™. :D

Our fandoms cross-over into a variety of interests (not just Star Trek!). Feel free to join us. I started the group, but I am in no way the 'leader.' :) Feel free to post meet up ideas, or share local AZ events!

No real rules, other than- respect other members, and keep being your beautiful GQMFin' selves!

If anyone plans to visit the area, hit us up! We may have a meetup planned, or use you as our meetup excuse. ;)

Sister Cities :D
gqmf_dc, maintained by lillbet who totally stole our idea but has a bitchin' user info page. XD Welcome to the party, sister!
gqmf_fl, maintained by howboutno05 who is rocking it out in FL. :3
st_nyc_gqmfs, maintained by ink_n_imp who is surrounded by so much awesome. :D

Affiliate Communities
gqmf_prime - A freakin' sweet ST community to post in, where you can rock your GQMF-ness 'til your ass is sore.

PS: Upon joining, don't forget to throw a shout-out in the intro post! :) I'm trying to keep track of where everyone is.