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Mission: ZQ Walking Post / ZQ "Movie" Night :3

(I swear that I'll post a fancy graphic when I get home!)


If you want to be a ZQ model, join in! :D If you just wanna hang, join in! We will be shooting at pretty places in Downtown Phoenix along the light rail/trolley. We may or may not have a 'guest' Pine model (up to anyone who wants to be a pine- we've discussed having a separate day for him). We're still tallying up the number of participants, and we'd like a rough number by at least Wednesday.

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Look at this GQMF'in Alien

The Karl Urban Cookies™ are currently baking. :D God I hope they turn out edible. Anyways!

My email inbox had a little gift (from Atomic, you probably got it if you're on their mailing list)-- 2 complimentary tickets to see District 9 next week in Avondale. If any of you want to go, let me know! I can forward the email over to you.

DISTRICT 9 depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa.

Harkins Gateway Theatre 10250 W McDowell, 7pm, August 6.

(Somewhat related, eh? Star Trek has... aliens. And so does this movie. Yes. I'm really looking forward to it!)
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Karl Urban Movie NIght : August 1st! NEED VOTES!

I.. don't know what's going on in this. His open zipper distracts meeee.

(aelice's digs. (Email me - aelice @gmail.com if you need the address)
1. Show Karl some lovin'! :D
2. Vote What to Watch:
- Pathfinder? (got it!)
- Doom (got it!)
- Bourne Supremacy (got it!)
- The Truth About Demons? (Need help burning to DVD!)
- The Price of Milk? (Same as demons!)
3. *~Try awesome traditional New Zealand™ dessert~*
4. Also a brainstorming night for the "GQMFin' Mission: ZQ Shoot" coming up the next week. :D "Finalized" plans for this will be posted Sunday, Aug 2nd.
6. I'll have a pizza and a dessert-- bring your own snacks and drink to share.

Wooo! And.. whatever else y'all would like to add. :) Karl Urban Movie Night with Special Guest Zachary Quinto (maybe Pine? We shall see!) Thanks everyone!
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A helpful guide to understanding the Prime Directive

Hey, buddies! Let me feel like I'm contributing something. I keep forgetting to show you the little piece of awesome I picked up in Sonoma Valley while I was road tripping!

That's right, the Star Fleet Technical Manual (fully illustrated), published in 1975. It's… maybe, like… 100 pages long? I'm bad at guessing that. But it's written like it's a legit manual. And tells you all the uniform regulations, and tells you how to man the navigation system, and, like, has technical drawings of the ship innards, and all that. Also, all the seals and emblems ever used on the shows (NERDY CRAFTTIMES, AHOY!).

Basically, it is nerdalicious.

So, like, I'm excited to nerd it up at the next meetup.
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Upcoming Meet Ups!

If anyone wants to do something chill this weekend (watch Harry Potter, grab dinner, etc.) let me know! My brother's in town. :3 I want to drag him to something nerdy.

Upcoming meet up ideas, as well as the upcoming mission!

Karl Urban Movie Night :D
Date: August 1st (Saturday)
Location: aelice's digs. (Email me - aelice @gmail.com if you need the address)
Time: 2pm-- to whenever! :D
1. Show Karl some lovin'! :D
2. Watching Doom/Pathfinder without crying.
3. Take a shot whenever Urban is sexually molested in The Truth About Demons.
4. Try awesome traditional New Zealand™ dessert that aelice will attempt to make!
5. More Uno?!! :D
6. Minor planning for the "GQMFin' Mission: ZQ Shoot" coming up the next week. :D
7. I'll have a pizza and some treats-- bring your own snacks and drink!

MISSION: EPIC WALKING POST/Zachary Quinto Movie Night
Date: August 8th (Saturday)
Location: Somewhere along the light rail. Still discussing. Will update soon.
Time: Starting at 10am (early, to avoid most of the heat!)
Preparation needed:
-Decide which outfits to bring. Change on site? Multiple shoots? (Like, do a quick shoot in one outfit, then put on another outfit and do a shoot someplace else along the light rail?)
-We need another model, perhaps? :) Are we gonna have a bb Fine?
1. Meet early for greet/shoots!
2. Eat lunch someplace yummy when we get overheated.
3. Gauge how much energy we have- perhaps another shoot, or--
4. Change back into civilian garb and head to someone's place for an EPIC ZQ movie night. :D And by movie night.. we have So NoTORIous, Heroes, etc. ;)

This mission is still in the planning stages-- I'll post all that we have so far again on Fri or Sat. Then we can meet on Karl Urban Movie night, show what we have, and try everything on and (this is mainly for me and the models) be dorky and discuss what shoot scenarios we're gonna have. ;) ZQ gets coffee? ZQ throws an epic bitch!face™? ZQ rides a bike? What what? :D
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Fic Recommendations

So after the movie last nite, aelice, teljhin and I were talking about different fics we've read and we had a hard time trying to remember who wrote what and such, so...

Post your favorite fics here! :) (And Ael, can you make a fic-rec tag pretty please?)

And because they both said I could, I'm pimping my own fics ::hehe::

Love Notes - Part 1, Part 2

Shore Leave

The rest are all faves I'm reading/have read: A Series of Firsts by dirtyzebra2005 - all of her parts are on the S/U comm, but if you're just starting this series it's easy to read them over on fanfiction.net so you're all caught up when she puts a new one up over here.

Recruiting Iowa by _tehrin - This is an AU of the AOS but it's soooo good! nu!Spock has chosen to live as a human for the majority of his life growing up, so he's all "humany" and yum and UNF!

Anything by luxuria_oceanus is FANTASTIC!

Another of my favorite authors is heirofloki. Her stories are short and not really as plot driven as they are language driven - if you're at all into language and it being about the beauty of it, this is the stuff for you!

Ael and tel, this is the one I was talking about with Kirk's "cousin" and Spock mind-raping Uhura - Matters of the Heart

So the last one for now, is called Citystreets. It's another AU of the AOS in the realm of a fashion magazine - think Ugly Betty, but way cooler. I'm not sure if the author will be posting any future pieces in the S/U comm, as the first piece wasn't since there was hardly any S/U in it, but her second part was. I'm leaving a comment asking her(?) to make sure that if she doesn't post directly to the comm that it at least gets posted to the weekly rec there so I can stay on top of it. I'm linking to both parts so that you don't have to hunt them down like I did :) Part 1 & Part 2

Whew! My brain is now officially fried from all the html to make sure I got all of this right, but I still need to go work on part 3 of my story now, so wish me luck!
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So Star Trek is now playing on fuckin IMAX at Arizona Mills. But it's only running until the 19th (Sunday)! So speed planning times! What's the best day for everyone? It's playing every day til then. Here's a handy table of times:

Friday 7:00 PM
Friday 9:30 PM
Saturday 2:00 PM
Saturday 8:15 PM
Sunday 2:00 PM
Sunday 8:15 PM

Also a poll:

What time works for you? (Check all that apply)

Friday 7/17/2009 7:00 PM
Friday 7/17/2009 9:30 PM
Saturday 7/18/2009 2:00 PM
Saturday 7/18/2009 8:15 PM
Sunday 7/19/2009 2:00 PM
Sunday 7/19/2009 8:15 PM

I think tomorrow we should count numbers and plan to do whichever date/time combo has the most votes. And whoever can show up, show up, no pressure since it's kind of a last minute thing. So, how about it? :D

ETA: Any ideas for other activities before and/or after the movie?

Son of ETA: I think Saturday at 8:15 will be best. In my opinion we should meet there at 7:15, possibly earlier, and just hang out around the mall until it's time for the movie. Who's familiar enough with Arizona Mills to pick out a landmark to meet at? Also, someone should bring a sign :]
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Mission: The Lensflare™ ZQMF Walking Post Day! (And maybe Pine too??)

Yes, it's that picture again. XD

This ain't no GQMF'in meet-up-- this is a mission post. :D This will be updated as we plan and confirm further.

Mission Date: We need a Saturday of August or Sept. When if everyone free? :) Does August 8 work for everyone? We can have mini clothing-hunting meetups if it's pushed to late August/Sept. I want to make sure everyone who wants to go can make it!

Current Mission Members:
(join us!)

The Mission: In the flavor of the (mainly ZQ and CP centric) "walking posts" of ontd_startrek, we are hosting a MISSION (a meet up, but more epic!). In this mission, we are creating ZQ doppelgangers and getting heatstroke in the name of having an awesome photoshoot day, with a wrap-up of perhaps ZQ dvd night/snacks at someone's place. :) BTW: THE UGLIER THE ZQ OUTFITS, THE BETTER.

Loose Schedule:
Morning/Afternoon- 10am-1pm? 1pm-4pm? Wander around, be GQ, and shoot!: We're taking advantage of the Light Rail for the shoot. There are tons of park and rides in the valley, so I guess we can park at the appropriate one for our individual locations, then rail up to a meeting point at around 1pm (or earlier> this is flexible!). (Also: Which stop is a good location for us to meet at for shooting, Kat?) Kat has some really awesome artsy spots for us to shoot at. :3 We can be creative-- do a ZQ coffee run, do a ZQ invisible dog walk, do a ZQ-meeting-up-with-Chris-and-John. ZQ on a bike. ZQ with a hula hoop. Be creative! Be silly! :D Give the models awesome stuff to do! And if gets hot, we can find ice cream and chill, then continue on! And grab lunch. And such! You dont have to be a model to participate! But you should, because wearing RIDICULOUSLY AWFUL ZQ OUTFITS IS A BLAST.

Afternoon/Evening- CAKE TIME/ZQ watching night: We can crash at someone's place, and celebrate with GQMF'in treats (we totally SHOULD all pitch in and get the Star Trek cake at Fry's XD), and watch DVDs of our bb in action. I know some of us have some nice ZQ dvds to share. :D

My place is always available-- but remember, it's at Mesa/Brown. :) I dont mind giving people rides. (My car fits 3 other people.)

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Remember, this is for fun, and to be big GQMF'in nerds. :)
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Fug hat, hoodie, AND glasses!

So I know the hat isn't *exact* (but it's dang close, y/y?) and the glasses were per a suggestion I had read over at ontd_st I think (3d glasses from the movies, yep, have a pair from Journey to the Centre of the Earth) - but the hoodie is actually from AA. What do all y'all think? I haven't taken the lenses out of the 3d glasses yet, I don't know if I should or not.

So without further adieu...

With the glasses...

Without the glasses...
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