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Party like it's nineteen ninety-ZQ-time! That's catchy, right?

Okay, ignore my utter dorkitude in the subject line, but the jist is still the same. Next Monday, September 21st, Heroes comes back on for its fourth season, and there shall be Quinto aplenty! Furthermore, on Thursday, September 24th, the series premiere of Flashforward will be airing, which features the super awesome John Cho! Exclamation marks all around!

So, as that's two Trek-related, GQMF-fueled shows in one week, it's only appropriate to wonder if there's gonna be some partying goin' on. Anyone still interested? If so, where shall we have this shindig?

Throw ideas out here! :D

ETA: kittehkat won't be able to host the Monday party due to a scheduling conflict (if I have that correct). I might be able to do it, provided my TV will actually be able to pick up NBC, as my cable is being turned off on the 19th. So this leaves us in a bit of a conundrum as to where to host the Heroes party, unless we can all wait for Thursday Tivo Madness™.

Further ideas?

Second ETA: aelice said she'd be able to host the Heroes party. If anyone else is interested in going to either, now's the time to speak up! :)

Third ETA, with extra GQ: If you're aiming to go to the Heroes party tomorrow, the festivities will begin around 6:15 PM! So, if you need directions or have any questions, please speak up now. Oh, and feel free to bring whatever food and/or beverages you like. :D
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