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ST XI on IMAX this Monday, anyone? :)

Belated Quick Carriers Night Recap first
OK, so Chris Pine didn't kill a damn zombie in the entire movie. ;( Misleading trailer is misleading! But, I must remind all those who attended:

1. CP's 'Tocks.
2. CP's Buldge in Tight Jeans.
3. CP drops his pants for a dude.
4. Sushi happy hour is awesome YUM.

The movie was OK, just really slow and didn't know where to go. XD

Future Meet-Up/Event Stuffs?

IMAX Star Trek at Deer Valley 30 on Monday?
We discussed this. :) Anyone wanna do it? Or have a preferred time?

Chris Pine Move Night
Future-ish? :D I'll need.. lots of alcohol to get through Blind Dating and Princess Diaries 2.

Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival October 15-18
What?! :D I freakin' love horror movies. Even though I'm a wimp through them. It's a love/hate thing, shhh!

PS: I also totally applied for the Marketing Director position with Phoenix Comicon. :< My portfolio was dorky, but I had to give it a shot. If any of you are interested in applying for that or other staff positions, check out their website! Great team, and I totally had a fantastic time sitting down and meeting with them. One of the highlights was their programming director, Joe. He had some wonderful questions about the position itself, but he had to test my nerdiness as well. :P (On my app, I mentioned some things because people never suspect what a dork I am when they first meet me.) After I out-geeked him on a Green Lantern question (he asked which was my favorite, and I loved the story with the little blind alien guy who became the F-Sharp Bell because he couldn't understand what a Green Lantern looked like), he noticed that I had written that my favorite TOS movie was IV. He asked why I hadn't chosen II. I explained that everyone else chooses II, so IV stands out more when you put that down. Then, I paused, and said. "Also, Spock Butt scene." The (female) volunteer director knew exactly what I was talking about, I think. XD

Man, this group has corrupted me. <3
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