Aelice (aelice) wrote in gqmf_az,

Chris Pine Pic Spam / Carriers Night Update!

HEAD COUNT TIME. :D Let me know if the following time/place works for everyone! There's also a 10pm showing that night.

When?> Friday, September 4th
Harkins, Tempe Marketplace
7:40 PM

Meet up where?? I'm likely going to try to hit Kabuki at 5:30 after work for their happy hour rolls. Got a craving. :< Anyone can join me! I figure, due to some people needing to commute, around 7 (or earlier), we can meet at the tea place. I'm open to options! Discuss, discuss.

Dress up?? I'll probably just do a survivor mask. :P Does anyone want me to grab them a surgical mask to decorate? For those unfamiliar, some promo pics show the cast wearing surgical masks that they drew silly mouths/lips on. I wanna make one. :D

If anyone needs my phone number just in case, email me. :)

Also, this may or may not be the place for an obligatory Pine Pic Spam™ to get us in the mood. ;)

Tags: 'movie night', chris pine, meet up
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