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Mission: ZQ Walking Shoot


Introduction: The gqmf_az community got together for an experiment, the "Mission: ZQ Walking Shoot." We love and hate the walking posts at the same time: Love for the wonderful assortment of fug awesome apparel (Pine's famous shoes and lumberjack shirts, Quinto's famous... everything, etc.!). But we but we also decided that it was mandatory to experience the other side- being a GQMF for a day and seeing what it's like to be in the public.

1. Dilemma: Which GQMF do we choose?
Answer: OK. Seriously, how could we NOT use Quinto???????

Yes, please!

2. Next: Props and outfits!

Props: Coffee cup (with Zach's name!), Salt & Vinegar chips
Apparel: Fug plaid/teal button-down shirt (Goodwill), Jeans (owned), Plaid Tennis Shoes (Gaudy color, Ross), ZQ's stripey sweater & fug hat wyntreaurora's wardrobe—hat not exact, but cloooose).

Aelice would like to add that ZQ is a classy MFer. Guess which bag of Salt & Vinegar chips in the grocery store were not on sale? :P WE GO FOR ACCURACY, MmmHMMM.

3. The Team
Comments from each team member will be italicized.

ZQ: aelice (voted to be the ZQ model because.. I'm tall? :P I'm not super skinny like Zach, but I tried to work it.)
The Paparazzi: kittehkat teljhin wyntreaurora.

From left to right: teljhin, wyntreaurora, aelice, kittehkat

4. The Shoot!

Taking a Break at the Library

Aelice- God, it was hot out. Yay for living in AZ, the home of the *~lensflare~*.


Aelice- I edited the photos after the shoot, and I noticed that I really did not remember half of the photos taken. It's kind of terrifying to me.

Grocery Store



Aelice's Summary/Commentary:
From the model's perspective... I had a ton of fun at first, but I very quickly became self-conscious about everything. How to kind of ignore the fake paparazzi, how to pretend I didn't notice them, how not to let them distract me. And they were able to grab a ton of photos, and I was just grabbing coffee, or carrying chips from the grocery store, or catching a break in front of the library—little every-day things became such a HUGE chore. I was exhausted at the end of the day. I could really see how quickly this becomes a burden, and I absolutely emphasize with Pine's frustration now. (Which totally emanates from a few walking posts. :P)

They let me choose which pictures to post, and looking through them all was so weird! Ahhh. (It's so easy to take a really terrible candid photo of someone. Way too easy.)

WyntreAurora's Commentary:
At first it was strange trying to be "paparazzi" – even though the four of us have hung out, it still felt strange talking pictures of Aelice without running every shot by her! I can't imagine just randomly taking pictures of people all the time without their knowing. I mean, I've taken lots of pictures in public places of architecture and shots that really just stand out, but I always make sure that the people are either not in focus, or are lit in such a way that they aren't really recognizable. If there is a face in a shot, I'll usually blur it out before I post it anywhere online. The scary part is, that as the day went on, it really did become easier to ignore the creepy feeling and really just focus on the shot – is that the photographer in me, was it just that I became comfortable with the concept, or was it really just that easy to be paparazzi?? I really don't know! Either way, it has given me a new outlook even for taking my normal pictures, being more aware of the people in my shots and how they might feel about seeing someone with a camera out around them.

So we definitely don't want to come down on ANYONE in this community – all four of us love the walking posts just as much as everyone else, but we just felt like it would be an interesting way to have some lulz AND get a dialogue going at the same time. We really hope this is entertaining, as well as makes you think in general about our lovely GQMFs and what they might be thinking while they're out and about gracing us with their lovely presence…

*~Thanks again everyone!~*

Thank you all for viewing! :D We are feedback whores.

Aelice: Goddamn it, I WILL invent a Karl Urban Walking Shoot. >_> Also, I want to make an honorable mention to the Fug!Couch we sat behind at a stoplight. kittehkat is a super safe driver who took a picture so we can make a fug shirt out of a similar material for another shoot maybe? :P :P

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