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That meetup ages ago

So, a thousand years later, I finally manage to get the cord from my mom, and I have pictures from the meet-up that was ages ago. I don't want to totally picspam this entry, but a link to all of the photos is here.

EDIT: I hadn't realized my account was set to private. :facepalm: All better now.
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Misc Events: Phoenix Zombie Walk @ First Friday

I'm still in a zombie-craving-mode after our bb!Pine seriously disappointed us with the major lack of zombies in Carriers. Is anyone up for the Phoenix Zombie Walk next Friday? :3 I totally plan to attend-- just using some old clothes I dirtied up, and fake blood (which is easy to make and DELICIOUS.. yuuum.)

This is a free event, everyone!

"Get ready to put on your best zombie make-up and practice your undead moans. On Friday October 2nd the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival and the Arizona Ghostbusters with host the 2009 Phoenix Zombie Walk. We would like participating zombies to meet at the Arizona Ghostbusters booth located at the southeast corner of 5th St and Roosevelt starting at 6:30 PM. We will begin walking at 7:00 pm. The walk will end at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival booth.

Immediately after the zombie walk, participants can join in the Zombie Scavenger Hunt also hosted by the film festival."

I ganked the info from a post one of the Ghostbusters made on PCC. :)
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Party like it's nineteen ninety-ZQ-time! That's catchy, right?

Okay, ignore my utter dorkitude in the subject line, but the jist is still the same. Next Monday, September 21st, Heroes comes back on for its fourth season, and there shall be Quinto aplenty! Furthermore, on Thursday, September 24th, the series premiere of Flashforward will be airing, which features the super awesome John Cho! Exclamation marks all around!

So, as that's two Trek-related, GQMF-fueled shows in one week, it's only appropriate to wonder if there's gonna be some partying goin' on. Anyone still interested? If so, where shall we have this shindig?

Throw ideas out here! :D

ETA: kittehkat won't be able to host the Monday party due to a scheduling conflict (if I have that correct). I might be able to do it, provided my TV will actually be able to pick up NBC, as my cable is being turned off on the 19th. So this leaves us in a bit of a conundrum as to where to host the Heroes party, unless we can all wait for Thursday Tivo Madness™.

Further ideas?

Second ETA: aelice said she'd be able to host the Heroes party. If anyone else is interested in going to either, now's the time to speak up! :)

Third ETA, with extra GQ: If you're aiming to go to the Heroes party tomorrow, the festivities will begin around 6:15 PM! So, if you need directions or have any questions, please speak up now. Oh, and feel free to bring whatever food and/or beverages you like. :D
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ST XI on IMAX this Monday, anyone? :)

Belated Quick Carriers Night Recap first
OK, so Chris Pine didn't kill a damn zombie in the entire movie. ;( Misleading trailer is misleading! But, I must remind all those who attended:

1. CP's 'Tocks.
2. CP's Buldge in Tight Jeans.
3. CP drops his pants for a dude.
4. Sushi happy hour is awesome YUM.

The movie was OK, just really slow and didn't know where to go. XD

Future Meet-Up/Event Stuffs?

IMAX Star Trek at Deer Valley 30 on Monday?
We discussed this. :) Anyone wanna do it? Or have a preferred time?

Chris Pine Move Night
Future-ish? :D I'll need.. lots of alcohol to get through Blind Dating and Princess Diaries 2.

Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival October 15-18
What?! :D I freakin' love horror movies. Even though I'm a wimp through them. It's a love/hate thing, shhh!

PS: I also totally applied for the Marketing Director position with Phoenix Comicon. :< My portfolio was dorky, but I had to give it a shot. If any of you are interested in applying for that or other staff positions, check out their website! Great team, and I totally had a fantastic time sitting down and meeting with them. One of the highlights was their programming director, Joe. He had some wonderful questions about the position itself, but he had to test my nerdiness as well. :P (On my app, I mentioned some things because people never suspect what a dork I am when they first meet me.) After I out-geeked him on a Green Lantern question (he asked which was my favorite, and I loved the story with the little blind alien guy who became the F-Sharp Bell because he couldn't understand what a Green Lantern looked like), he noticed that I had written that my favorite TOS movie was IV. He asked why I hadn't chosen II. I explained that everyone else chooses II, so IV stands out more when you put that down. Then, I paused, and said. "Also, Spock Butt scene." The (female) volunteer director knew exactly what I was talking about, I think. XD

Man, this group has corrupted me. <3
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Chris Pine Pic Spam / Carriers Night Update!

HEAD COUNT TIME. :D Let me know if the following time/place works for everyone! There's also a 10pm showing that night.

When?> Friday, September 4th
Harkins, Tempe Marketplace
7:40 PM

Meet up where?? I'm likely going to try to hit Kabuki at 5:30 after work for their happy hour rolls. Got a craving. :< Anyone can join me! I figure, due to some people needing to commute, around 7 (or earlier), we can meet at the tea place. I'm open to options! Discuss, discuss.

Dress up?? I'll probably just do a survivor mask. :P Does anyone want me to grab them a surgical mask to decorate? For those unfamiliar, some promo pics show the cast wearing surgical masks that they drew silly mouths/lips on. I wanna make one. :D

If anyone needs my phone number just in case, email me. :)

Also, this may or may not be the place for an obligatory Pine Pic Spam™ to get us in the mood. ;)

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Sorry for falling off the face of the earth! Work was crazy this week. But I did notice (as did kittehkat) that our bb Captain Fine's amazing zombie movie will be shown here in Phoenix. Next week. *~September 4th~*

My train of thought:
Zombies. Hell yes.
Chris Pine. Hell yes.
Chris Pine in a zombie movie. This is where my brain shut down.

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I also vote that we get cheap surgical masks at the dollar store, a sharpie, and dork out like our bb's in the movie5. :3
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Vegas ST Con updates (Thank you twitter peeps!)

So as soon as I get a full rundown from Calum and some others who were there I'll be sure to update this with more pics and info, but for now I just had to share this...

fug!hat2.0,beard,white tee,jeans,BB!Spock

A) Notice the teacup sitting on the floor next to him - HOW PRESH!! (Ok, so maybe it's coffee, but since it's later in the morning I'd say it might just be tea!) And I love this man even more for it.

B) Notice how Jacob Kogan (BB!Spock) is already taking after his predecessor and wearing the fug shirt?! Either the kid is taking after Zach or Zach has taken him under his wing - either are alright by me :)

That's all for now, feel free to add your own info if you come across it :)
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Mission: ZQ Walking Shoot


Introduction: The gqmf_az community got together for an experiment, the "Mission: ZQ Walking Shoot." We love and hate the walking posts at the same time: Love for the wonderful assortment of fug awesome apparel (Pine's famous shoes and lumberjack shirts, Quinto's famous... everything, etc.!). But we but we also decided that it was mandatory to experience the other side- being a GQMF for a day and seeing what it's like to be in the public.

1. Dilemma: Which GQMF do we choose?
Answer: OK. Seriously, how could we NOT use Quinto???????

Yes, please!

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MOON! I mean, *HEADCOUNT TIME*! :) (ZQ Walking Post Day)

Who's excited about *~Saturday~*? :D Sorry to be pushy, but we need a headcount for zeh GQMFin' Mission. So far for sure it's:


Epic Zachary Quinto Walking Post and Movie Night on Saturday, August 8
Start at: Arizona Center
Meet up at Starbucks at 8:45am, then go wild. :3

If getting up early is the issue, you can either catch us in mid-shoot, at lunch, or later at kittehkat's house. You can email me for my cell number so we can coordinate, and you can email Kat if you need the address/directions to her place. :)

---- ALSO ----
Update on Time

Hi all, I’m going to try to get there at 5:30 to eat/wander, before getting in the line at 6 or a little after so that we get a good spot for the movie? Also, I wont be able to check LJ after this little update (work blocks it, boo), so if anyone needs anything, text me!! :D

District 9 Tomorrow, Thursday showing at 7pm
Harkins Gateway Theatre 10250 W McDowell, (Avondale)
(Leave me your email if you want me to forward you the complimentary screening pass for 2.)
Per suggestions, let's meet at Port o' Subs in the complex before the movie. What time should we get there? (Just in case too many people show up? The movie looks awesome, but not sure how many will drive out to Avondale for the free screenings.)

Thanks, bb's! Sorry to be so spammy this week, so much going on!

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Karl Urban Movie Night Recap with PICS :D

Because we always forget to post pics. XD Also, you learn why I am not allowed to be a paparazzi on Saturday..

-Star Trek Uno @____@ We went through a deck like 6-7 times while watching Doom.
-We watched-- Bourne Supremacy (Karl as the sexiest Russian assassin evar), The Irrefutable Truth About Demons (ouch :<), The Price of Milk (WTF Amazon? If by 'charming movie' you mean 'emotionally masochistic because of what that woman does to our bb Karl.. the ass shot in the milk totally makes it worth it, though), Doom (pouty bedroom eyes the ENTIRE movie), and Pathfinder (pretty movie, Karl in skimpy clothes.. yum!).
-All the food was delish! I'm still full!

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Thank you all for a great night! :) Don't forget that we're going to catch District 9 on Thursday in Avondale, if you wanna join! AND we're having the epic walking post mission on Saturday. :3